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Spring in Gramercy’s Basement

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

In the Garden with Anne…

It’s spring in the Gramercy basement! Cell packs of 400’s have arrived and all of our planting rooms are filled with repotted plants growing amazingly beautiful. We have finally located a great organic soil medium called Sunshine that really makes these small seedlings into instant sturdy plants. Olinda is the expert with careful fingers that divide and multiply. You will see the results outside from late April through the first frost.

Gramercy’s Winter Gardens

Monday, February 20th, 2012

In the Garden with Anne…

It’s perfect weather (temperatures in the fifties most days) for a winter stroll especially along the Gramercy gardens. Winter colors light up our May blooming azaleas and Fire Power Nandina. Daphne Aureo Marginata is budding now and will bloom in the next two weeks with scents that permeate the whole upper garden. Snowdrops are abundant along paths and dells. And don’t forget the new gazebo with its stately hollies and mahonia. Birds are singing. The garden is a most tranquil place.

We recommend pruning of roses in February. Francisco is our master pruner. He likes to let light into the center of the bush and trim any crossing branches. This Knock Out Rose will grow six feet tall but Francisco has pruned it to half its size. See before and after pictures below.

Knock –Outs are our favorites. No spraying is needed and it blooms heavily in spring and fall with many intermittent blooms in between. This year has been especially unusual with blooms and foliage all the way through December.