A First Look? What’s That?

For some, a wedding day is the most important day of their lives – and it should be! From picking the venue, to designing the cake and creating the perfect guest list, there are a lot of details to be excited about. Some couples want to truly capture that excitement and love of their special day by also planning a first look before the ceremony.

A first look is when the wedding couple and the photographer pick a spot on site, but away from the guests, for the couple to have a moment all to themselves. Typically, the bride approaches her significant other, who has their back turned, and taps them on the shoulder. They then turn around and see their beautiful bride for the very first time. The photos truly capture the love, happiness, and maybe a few tears, between the couple on their special day.

Bombs Over Betty Photography

After the first look, couple portraits are taken and sometimes, family portraits are done as well or they can take place after the ceremony. A ceremony would then follow the first look and the wedding would begin!

At Gramercy Mansion, about half of our wedding couples do a first look. The best part? We have multiple places on site that provide privacy to the couple during the reveal. Many of our first looks take place at the white, marble gazebo because the bride is able to slip outside and walk around the side of the Mansion unnoticed.

Other couples have done their first looks in the pathways of the gardens and the center circle of the Carriage House, surrounded by many gorgeous blooms and greenery.

Anthony Sekellick Photography

We love seeing how photographers capture the emotions during a first look and we hope you enjoy a few of our couples and their first looks!

Judah Avenue Photography

Leah Rhianne Photography

Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

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