Hollywood comes to Gramercy

Here on the East Coast, we Marylander’s don’t get the chance to experience the glitz and the glamour that comes with filming movies. It always feels like it’s a surreal life that most of us never experience. Gramercy Mansion was chosen to be part of a Christmas film this year, and it has been our honor to host Baltimore native Vincent DePaul and his cast and crew during the entire filming process.

Vincent De Paul is an actor and model. De Paul appeared as Carmelita’s dance partner in Hairspray, and has since appeared in several television shows, including The West Wing, Frasier, As the World Turns, Six Feet Under, Mad Men, and Big Time Rush. He also appeared in the movies Hitch and Poseidon.

He wanted to bring a movie to his home state, with local actors and crew. We have had the pleasure to work with all these amazing people over the past 2 weeks. The mansion is still decorated in all of it’s Christmas glory, and Vincent and team added small details to really make Gramercy magical since the beginning of the year. The movie that he is producing and acting in is called “Christmas Couples Retreat”. It will be airing on December 17, 2023 at 3pm on Maryland Public TV! While I won’t go into too many details, let’s just say it’s going to be a great treat for us all to watch as the Holidays roll around this year.

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