7 Tips for Romantic Marriage Proposals

With family holiday gatherings in the forecast, ’tis the season for romantic marriage proposals! If you’re planning to put a ring on that finger before Aunt Millie asks if you’re ever getting married for the eight-hundredth time at a holiday dinner, now’s the time. Take our advice and follow these seven simple tips for popping the question in a perfectly romantic way that practically promises an ecstatic YES!

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7 tips for Romantic Marriage Proposals

  1. Keep it about the two of you. While some may like the idea of being surrounded by family and close friends when the moment arrives, a private or semi-private proposal is more intimate and romantic. You can get the family together for an engagement announcement afterwards.
  2. Make it personal. Visit the spot where you first met, prepare a favorite meal, present a bouquet of your love’s favorite flowers, or pop open a bottle of favorite wine.  Or better yet, plan a scavenger hunt where they uncover fireplace marriage proposal | romantic proposalsa favorite thing or rediscover a favorite memory at each stop, leading to a “Will you marry me?” moment.
  3. Plan ahead. Scout out your proposal location in advance. Think about, prepare, order and arrange the special details you want to incorporate. If you’re not a great planner, enlist some help from a professional or close friend. If you’re not prepared, you’re more likely to be flustered when the big day arrives and even more nervous.
  4. Choose a location wisely. Think about your partner when making this decision. Do they like being the center of attention? Maybe a public spot would work well. Are they more traditional or private? An intimate setting for just the two of you might be in order. Choose a sentimental spot or a dream setting (Paris, anyone?). Nature lovers? A secret garden lit with candles at sunset is oh so romantic.
  5.  Jot it down… your proposal speech. Prepare your perfect speech by writing down a few things that you Garden gazebo proposal | romantic marriage proposalslove about your partner and why you want to spend your life with them. Then save your love note to present as a sweet momento after you pop the question.
  6. Capture the moment.  You will both remember this moment forever and while a private proposal is most romantic, there is something to be said for capturing the moment with photos and video to share with family and friends later. Hire a “paparazzi” photographer to unobtrusively snap a few photos and video before and during and then some pics of you and your beaming fiance after.
  7. Keep some element of surprise. Maybe you’ve been talking about marriage for a while and even shopped for rings together. How do you make it a surprise? Set up a decoy with the help of a co-conspirator. Don’t do anything too out of character – a sure giveaway. While they may be expecting a holiday proposal, sneak it in a few days early so they can show off that sparkler to family and friends during holiday gatherings later.

A perfectly romantic marriage proposal can come in many forms. Think of your partner and the places and things that are special to your relationship, have a plan, and be yourself. The rest will fall into place and you will cherish the memories of this moment for a lifetime. Happy proposing!

Need more tips or a helpful hand to plan your perfect proposal? Call 410-486-2405 or email info@gramercymansion.com for our proposal concierge service. We are thrilled to act as behind-the-scenes coordinators and set the stage for romantic marriage proposals. Be sure to ask about our secret garden!

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