Choosing the Wine

Which Wine?images

Planning your wedding requires a great deal of attention. Which photographer should you use? What type of arrangement should be on each table? Most importantly what wine do you choose? In this article we will help walk you through an easy strategy of picking the best wine for you and your guests!!

Choosing between a red and white wine may be difficult since it depends on the food you will be serving, however its always easy to just choose both! One red and one white wine will do just fine. Deciding on the particular type of wine is where things begin to get tricky. A Merlot may be too overpowering with its fruitful flavors. A Chardonnay with its predominately oaky flavors may not be the best choice either. For a white wine try a Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp and refreshing wine that should be perfect for any pallet. As a choice for a red wine we’d recommend a Pinot Noir that will pair perfectly with almost any dish that you will be serving.

Still stuck? Try personalizing your choices. This is your wedding and every aspect should be perfect for you and your significant other! Perhaps this means picking a wine you shared on a first or favorite date, make every detail special to you. If that doesn’t work another approach is hosting a wine tasting. Simply select some of the wines you’re interested in and invite some friends who’s opinions will weigh on your decision and start drinking! It is important to remember to have fun as wedding planning can seem daunting. After deciding which wine the next decision is how much you will need to have on hand. Usually one drink per guest per hour is a good way to start, of course some drink less … and some more. Larger gatherings usually you will find guests usually drinking more white than red, especially in the warmer months.

Here at the Gramercy we work with an exclusive list of excellent caterers. One of which is Chef’s Expression, owner Jerry will perfectly pair wines with your tastes and food choices. Hopefully you will find this article to be enlightening and helpful in planning what is sure to be an amazing occasion.