Spa Specials

What better way to prepare for a special evening in or out on the town than with a soothing, relaxing massage. Stevenson Massage Therapy, operated by Kim Gough, is steps away from the mansion in the lovely Carriage House.Face Spa Treatment

Aside from blissful bodywork, Stevenson Massage at Gramercy offers relaxing hot stone massages and face spa treatments with advance notice. You can request complimentary aromatherapy oils for your massage, and bring your own music CD selection as well.

Hot Stone Massage utilizes very warm stones placed over the body for deep heat, and used to massage taut muscles, it’s extremely relaxing.

Kim’s Face Spa treat is a great add on to a half hour massage, with the additional 30 minutes focusing on the face, which is draped with steamy towels and massaged gently with a deep pore cleanser. A clay masque is applied; the skin is toned and moisturized, all in massage fashion. A wonderful way to relax and unwind, plus your skin will glow and feel great. Optional deep moisture hand treatment on request at no additional charge.

Spa MassageMassage is superior to other stress-reduction tools, requiring no active participation during implementation. A massage therapist does all the work while clients simply relax, enjoying a massage that relieves the effects of stress throughout the body. Mental anxiety is translated into muscular tension by your brain. A massage relieves muscular tension and signals your mind to tell all your muscles to unwind. In fact, massaging just one area of the body can produce whole-body relaxation! Clients report feeling soothed, re-energized, and better able to tackle challenges. Physically, massage assists the body to return to homeostasis by releasing muscle tension, allowing the body to circulate blood more freely. Increased circulation nourishes cells while removing stored-up toxins and waste from body tissues.

Kim Gough is a Maryland licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of experience. She has the quaint massage room decorated in a garden theme to reflect Anne’s glorious flowers just outside the door.

To reserve your spa package at Gramercy today or add a treatment to an existing reservation, contact us at 410-486-2405.