Enjoy Our Halloween Special… If Your Dare!

As Halloween approaches and costumes are being finalized, we thought we would share a few alleged ghost encounters of our own at Gramercy Mansion. If you believe in ghosts or have met a few spirits yourself, this Halloween special is for you!

We have interviewed the Mansion’s owner, Anne, about the reports of ghosts at Gramercy. Her stories are quoted below in her own words…

The First Report

There was a very nice couple staying in the Blue Garden Suite many, many years ago. They were in their 40’s. Everything was going great during their stay, until they had an unexpected, yet completely harmless, visitor. When the man descended the staircase for breakfast the next morning, he was nervous and slightly shaking.

He told me, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this. I really, really don’t know how to say this because I am not that kind of person. But this morning I saw a ghost. I was shaving in front of the mirror in the bathroom when I saw the reflection of a woman walk by. She had on a long dress and a hat covered her short and curly dark-colored hair. All the while, my wife was packing her suitcase in the other room. To ensure I wasn’t seeing things, I asked my wife if she had walked by. She hadn’t.’

The man also explained to me that he had seen flashes of light in the living room of the suite throughout the night. In all of my time living in the Mansion, I had never experienced any of this and was surprised to hear about it. This was the first guest to ever mention any ghost encounters at Gramercy.”

After this occurrence, time passed.

Anne’s son also saw flashes of light in the Blue Garden Suite during his stay but did not see any ghosts.

More time passed and a year and a half had gone by when another experience was shared.

A Second Encounter

Two clairvoyants were staying in the Blue Garden Suite. They saw a ghost floating in the back room of the suite. The pair described the ghost as wearing a long dress with a hat covering her short and curly dark-colored hair – same as the other sighting. When they descended the staircase for breakfast the next morning, they were delighted by their experience. I was told they received good vibes from the spirit and that she was very nice. Again, I have yet to encounter any spirits or ghosts in the Mansion and I have lived here for over 20 years.”

Did this make you change your mind about the existence of ghosts and spirits? While Anne and her husband, Ron, have not experienced any ghost encounters themselves and still live in the Mansion to this day, there’s no proof that the other reports happened or did not happen. With hundreds of people staying in the Blue Garden Suite each year, there have been no recent reports of any unusual activity.

Happy Halloween

If you celebrate, we hope you enjoy a spooky, fun and safe Halloween!

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