Meet Our Owner, Anne!

For those who have stayed with us or have attended an event at the Mansion, you’ve probably met our wonderful owner, Anne. She has a vision like no other for the property of Gramercy, and is always involved in so many projects that sometimes we can’t even keep up. We recently interviewed Anne so you can get to know her better if you haven’t had the chance to meet. Happy reading!

How long have you owned the property of Gramercy Mansion?

In 1985, luck and opportunity was on our side when upon visiting a friend in Baltimore, we heard Koinonia was for sale. Not intending to buy a new house or engage in a new enterprise, our emotions overtook us upon viewing the estate. We fell in love with the property, placed a bid and won. Since, Gramercy Mansion has been transformed into what it is today. 

Did you ever imagine the business would turn into a wedding venue?

No, my original vision for the property was to be a family home. However, a lot of work was required to renovate and fix the house so we slowly transitioned to having a bed & breakfast. After my son’s friend had a wedding here, we decided that being a wedding venue would be a wonderful opportunity for Gramercy. We now host over 100 events each year. 

What is one of your favorite hobbies and why?

Garden design is my absolute favorite hobby. Having the opportunity to create something beautiful is a strong passion of mine. 

Do you have a favorite season in the gardens?

Spring is my favorite season because as you’re getting away from the chilly weather and bland landscapes, the gardens start bursting with color and life again.

Since you’ve traveled a lot, are there places you’ve yet to see on your list?

Recently, I took my three granddaughters to Barcelona and would love to go back. I have also visited parts of South Africa and can see myself traveling there again. I have yet to see Hungary, Austria, Poland or Hawaii, so going abroad is definitely in my future. 

What made you attracted to our downtown venue, the 1840s Plaza?

The historical aspects of our downtown location, the 1840s Plaza and Carrollton Inn, is what first attracted me to the location. The Fava Building used to be a museum, and now three of the four levels are rented for weddings and parties. The 1840s Carrollton Inn is now a 13-room bed & breakfast with original historical elements dating back to the late 1700’s. I greatly enjoy learning about and preserving history. 

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

 Always classical music, especially Frank Sinatra. 

Thanks for reading!

See what Gramercy Mansion is all about when you visit us! Stroll the gardens and browse the Gramercy Mansion Gift Shop. Your romantic getaway awaits!