Spring Garden Schedule

In the Garden with Anne…

Roll out the carpet and your reservations for spring at Gramercy. Believe it or not, we had our first outdoor elopement February 18 at the new gazebo. Here’s the schedule!

February – Snowdrops


First snowdrops in February

March – first daffodils, daphne

Daffodils at Gramercy Mansion

First Daffodils in March

April – Beginning with magnolia and cherry trees, Virginia bluebell, bridal wreath, vinca, tulips, forsythia, bleeding heart, pulmonaria and ending with azaleas, forget-me-not, lilacs, weeping peach, dogwood, viburnum and many others

April Magnolia tree at Gramercy Mansion

Magnolia tree in full bloom during April

May – Continuation of late April plants plus lilies of the valley, English Bluebells, allium, and columbine with iris, peonies, foxglove, rhododendron and roses at the end of May

May Virgnina Bluebells at Gramercy

May Virginia Bluebells at Gramercy

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