March Gardens and Anne’s Favorites

WOW!  Can you believe?  Spring is one month early in our Baltimore gardens.  It’s only the first week of March and the Gramercy gardens are in bloom with snowdrops, daffodils,  hellebores, lesser celandine, daphne. mahonia and pulmonaria (lungwort) just pushing out with tender leaves but also flowers.

My very favorite shrub is daphne aureo-marginata because:

1. Long and early bloom

2. Extremely fragrant filling the whole rear garden of Gramercy with a sweet aroma

3. Looks evergreen.  Does not lose leaves until spring when the new leaves push through the flowers.

4. Leaves are highly glossy and fleshy with a lovely white margin on the edge.

Daphne Aureo-Marginata

Daphne Aureo-Marginata

My second favorite shrub is mahonia:

1. Interesting year around with yellow flowers and blue berries

2. Evergreen with serrated leaves

3. Grows quickly and easily pruned

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Leatherleaf Mahonia

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