Meet Our Event Specialist, Crystal!

Meet our Event Specialist, Crystal! She assists our guests by answering their questions on the phone, getting our bed & breakfast rooms ready, and touring our couples through the Mansion and the Carriage House. Read more below to find out what Crystal’s passions are, and how she is always striving to help those in need, while balancing being a mother of three!

What is your prior work experience?

Before I began full-time at the Mansion, I held numerous administrative positions, that required an array of different skills. I chose to apply to Gramercy because it would allow me to switch my career path into helping others plan their special events.

What are your passions and why?

I’ve always been very passionate about giving back to others in my surrounding community because I feel that it’s my responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves. Fashion is another passion of mine, and I’ve always admired my mom’s great sense of style. While I buy most of my clothes from different places, shoes (heels, especially!), and handbags are the key to any outfit, so I really enjoy accessorizing to create new outfits.

How long have you been organizing and running Homegirls 4 the Homeless?

Homegirls 4 the Homeless is an organization that I started in August of 2016. I used to give homeless people money when I passed them on the street, but one day I decided that I wanted to cook them dinner instead. To date, with the help of some friends, we have handed out over 300 homemade meals to those in need. Throughout the year, I also spend time collecting socks and clothes for the homeless and for families in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Sometimes I host events in benefit of someone else, and when a friend of mine passed away from cancer, I coordinated with a local bank to provide her family with a Thanksgiving Dinner. Later on, I got the family’s Christmas list, and got all of the gifts on the list for them!

Currently, I’m looking forward to collecting coats in November, and hosting a Jingle Jam in December, which is a Christmas event where everyone who attends is required to bring a toy for a child in need.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to write and record music. I also enjoy reading and watching documentaries, especially food documentaries – I’m obsessed! Twice a month, I go on a “date” with my kids, and we always have a great time.

Thanks for reading!

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