Love At First Bite | Halloween at Gramercy Mansion

By far, the most popular question guests ask us is if the Mansion is haunted. Well, that, and what’s the wifi password? We’ve had several sightings and reports of spooktacular and supernatural behavior over the years. The most common stories revolve around the Blue Garden Suite, which used to be the original Master Suite when the Mansion was built in 1902.

The original owner of Gramercy never lived there. The house was built by Alexander Cassatt, founder of the Pennsylvania Railroad, as a wedding present for his daughter, Eliza. Construction began in 1902 and was not completed until after Cassatt’s death in 1906. Eliza and her husband were living a few miles away in Greenspring Valley during construction of the home. So, we’re confident that the ghosts and ghouls are not attached to that part of the history.

However, at some point in time, a ghost described as a woman with a long dress and a hat covering her short and curly dark hair started appearing in the Mansion. Most notably, she is seen when looking in the mirror of the Blue Garden Suite. Guests have also reported her walking through the sitting room. Owner Anne Pomykala has never experienced anything herself but believes this could be the ghost of either of the ladies of the house from the early 1900s.

Felix Landstreet and his wife lived in the Mansion from 1907-1911. Then, the Brewster family moved in until about 1951. So, Mrs. Landstreet or Mrs. Brewster are still roaming the halls to this day…

This year, we do have a wedding happening at the Mansion on Halloween so you wouldn’t be able to come scout out the spooky for yourself on 10/31. But between you and me, any windy and rainy evening in the fall is sure to bring out the best of the Mansion. When the guests sleep, the ghosts creep…

Don’t believe in ghosts? Perhaps this spooky styled shoot will send shivers down your spine! Daily Forte Designs put together a fun photo shoot with Kimberly Dean a few years ago at the Carriage House. We love the dark colors and edgy elements that pull together for one elegant set up. The smoking apple is just jaw dropping!

Want to experience the frights of the night yourself? Book a stay if you dare in any of our 11 guest rooms in the Mansion. Call us at 410-486-2405 today!

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