Weekday Weddings and Why They Are Trending in 2022.

Weekday wedding…. Crazy or brilliant? After an unforgiving 2020, many couples were left with little to no options to host their weddings. Venues were closing, people were getting sick, and the wedding industry had no choice but to step back and watch as businesses closed. Now, as we are making our way out of what seemed like an eternity, couples are ready to plan their special day.

When I got married in 2008, the only day I ever heard of having weddings on was a Saturday. I would’ve never even thought about a weekday, but why not? There are so many reasons that having a weekday wedding is actually better in many ways. I am going to discuss my top reasons here with you.

  • Weekday Weddings are Usually More Budget Friendly- As you know, Saturdays are the most popular day of the week for weddings, which makes them the most expensive. The high demand for a Saturday wedding drives the cost up in many different ways. Your venue, caterer, DJ or band, and other vendor packages may be their highest on a Saturday, however during the week they are less busy which may be a win-win for you both! I guarantee the rates would be easier on your wallet. Vendors would be happy to book a weekday wedding, instead of having an empty spot on their calendar.
  • You May Secure That Dream Venue You’ve Always Wanted- Venues that are very popular can be booked months, or even years in advance on a Saturday. They may have weekday openings during peak seasons and at a more affordable price! *Cue the confetti* It’s definitely worth a thought if you’ve had your eye on that special place.
  • You May Also Secure Your Favorite Vendors- Just like venues, photographers and coordinators can also be booked years in advance. Vendors may have more availability mid week in any month, and they may also offer special packages to couples choosing a weekday.
  • Traveling Costs- We all know that hotels are more likely to have better rates during the weekdays, so family and friends will love that! Airfare also tends to be a little cheaper, so money can be saved all around.
  • Fun Dates and Themes-A lot of holidays and fun dates fall on a weekday. We just had 2/22/22 and that was on a Tuesday! You may also be able to pick that anniversary date that means so much to you. Themes can also be brought into play, think Taco Tuesday, or Thirsty Thursday.
  • Your Wedding Will Be More Intimate- That guest list that keeps growing can be definitely be overwhelming. The day of week you choose may slash that count in half or more keeping it intimate and less busy. This reminds me of a destination wedding, less guests means less stress.

Gramercy Mansion is happy to announce that we now have a package for couples looking to get married on a weekday.

NEW: Reserve a midweek in the Mansion, Tuesday-Thursday from 12-3 p.m., and receive our special rental price of $1,800. While you’re welcome to book this special for your wedding, please note that the ceremony is not included in the price and extra time may not be added. *Payment is due in full at the time of booking. No discounts available.

When you are planning the most important day in your life, be open, and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. You can use all that saved money and put it towards a honeymoon neither of you will ever forget or maybe that down payment on that perfect home you found on Zillow last week. Gramercy Mansion is here to help you make your wedding everything you wanted and more. Please come and see us for a tour by clicking here: https://my.setmore.com/shortBookingPage/a12c1fca-d3b9-491f-bb5c-39eb7fd9c7a1

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